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connectingindustry.com: „Theory test, driving test – Testing ADAS sensors at supersonic speed

As autonomous vehicle management integrates further into automotive applications, real traffic scenarios are the answer to simulating and testing the validity and effectiveness of these developments. However, securing accurate ‘real data’ is itself testing due to a few factors: there can be a risky gap in processing object detection coverage within modern radar sensors, in

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Electronics Media (India): „Validation of intelligent radar sensors improves the safety of autonomous driving“

For the development and validation of systems for autonomous vehicle management, real traffic scenarios are usually simulated and tested in the laboratory. Since pre-processing is carried out directly in the sensor front end with modern radar sensors, this can result in a serious gap in coverage during the testing and validation of object detection. In

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Test and Measurement (USA): Real traffic situations can be stored and replicated repeatedly in the laboratory.

The DP²4R Gigabit data logger collects raw radar signals between the sensor and preprocessing. The stored signals can then be fed back via the same interface. This allows real traffic situations to be replicated repeatedly in the laboratory and to optimize the processing chain of radar signals. The testing and validation of radar signal processing

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