RTEMS-Space Qualification

RTEMS has become a popular Open-Source Real-Time OS in the space domain during the recent decade.

This is mainly due to

  • its performance (CPU power is expensive for radiation hardened processors),
  • its flexibility (vast number of processors and interfaces supported) and,
  • it safety (RTEMS is ECSS qualified).

Recently, ESA has sponsored the devopment of a publicly availibale basic RTEMS SMP qualification (see https://rtems-qual.io.esa.int) . This provides a dataset for ECSS qualification for Gaisler GR712RC and GR740 processors with features according to the ESA Space Profile.

Qualification implementation and application

The RTEMS software-package is quite complex, with several thousands of tests and a documentation of more than 10.000 pages. This is why embedded brains, which has extensive experience with RTEMS coding and testing, offers you to produce tailored qualification documents according to your hardware and to your software profile – safe, timely and at fixed cost.

Qualification for different processors

The standard qualification package considers Gaisler GR712RC and Gr740 (SPARC Architecture).

For other processors, such as

  • DAHLIA (ARM Cortex-R52)
  • Xilinx Zynq (ARM Cortex-A9)
  • Gaisler Noel-V (RISC-V)
  • Gaisler LEON5 (SPARC V8)

qualification document sets can be made available. Those include:

  • Static code checker results form Coverity, CLANG, and CppCheck,
  • Product and process metrics,
  • Assessment of testing and validation activities, and
  • Problem and none-conformance reports.

Note that, depending on the configuration, delivery time and specific license conditions may apply.

Qualification profile extensions

In addition to current features, we offer various extensions, e.g. for

  • POSIX API (mutex, semaphore, condition variables, threads, message queue)
  • Event Recording and Trace Compass
  • lwIP
  • High-level Device Drivers, such as CAN bus, SpaceWire, MIL-STD-1553
  • OpenMP
  • TLSF Memeory Allocator
  • NASA cFS, and
  • Tools for Schedulability Analysis.

Further, we are happy to include the Mathematical Library, telecommand & telemetry functions and others for your convenience.


Tracking bug fixes and other patches is a laborious exercise. However, not doing this is not an option as well, as otherwise code improvements and software updates would be missed out and your software would run into a dead end. So let us do this for you! This is much more economical than having dozens of users each watching out for possibly relevant updates.

Further, we will benchmark your tooling and get you suitable recommendations for your application.

Qualification of application software

We support you preparing and testing your application software within the frame of the RTEMS SMP qualfication tooling. This may facilitate your testing and evaluation procedures.

Independent Software Verification and Validation (ISVV)

We assist you bringing your software to a higher safety category (e.g. ECSS cat. B) by an independent analysis. With our testing and tooling experience this can be accomplished most efficiently.

Further, we suggest our RTEMS software engineering support services.

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