RTEMS applications

Some applications of our customers illustrate the application possibilities of RTEMS.

You can find more examples on the official RTEMS website.


BMW Motorrad Motorsport: RSM5 data logger

BMW Motorrad Motorsport entered the Superbike World Championship again in 2009. Completely new engine electronics had been developed for this purpose.

For a perfect match of all relevant parameters, the embedded brains GmbH team, working in close cooperation with BMW, developed a high-performance data logger whose data entry, data storage and data transmission software uses RTEMS as a real-time operating system.

E&K AUTOMATION provides driverless transport systems

E&K AUTOMATION provides driverless transport systems whose vehicles are automatically controlled and driven contact-free. They ensure optimal and no-interruption material flow on site.

E&K AUTOMATION has been using RTEMS as the real-time operating system for the software for the internal vehicle navigation and drive control since 2001.