Long-term availability and stability of software platforms in real-time operation
What is RTEMS?
  • Various APIs available: RTEID, POSIX, ITRON, etc.
  • Supported host systems: Linux, Windows NT/2K/XP, Sun, HP-UX, etc.
  • Supported processor architectures: M68k/Coldfire, i386, PowerPC, ARM7, SPARC, MIPS, Renesas SH … and many others
  • Completely open source code
  • License to use: modified GPL, no obligation to disseminate own source code
  • For additional information please visit the website of the OAR Corporation
Available RTEMS additional packages
  • complete TCP/IP network stack
  • file system with Ramdisk and MSDOS-compatible FAT file system
  • servers for telnet, http and ftp
  • clients for ftp, tftp and other protocols

RTEMS services
  • Basic consulting: does RTEMS meet your project requirements?
  • Development of board support packages
  • Installation of the development environment
  • Driver development
  • Application and module development
  • Training