embedded brains at DASIA 2017

European Galileo navigation satellites 15-18 at an altitude of 22,900 km. Picture: ESA-P. Carril

At this years’ DASIA – Data Systems in Aerospace – conference in Gothenburg, Sweden, embedded brains will hold a lecture on the SMP (Symmetric Multiprocessing) extension of the open-source real-time RTEMS operating system on May 31, 2017. The presentation will be held by the software architect Sebastian Huber and will focus on the SMP-specific extensions and the time response scaling.

On behalf of ESA (European Space Agency) embedded brains made big efforts during the previous years and achieved to make RTEMS SMP-ready. The kernel has been significantly reorganized, based on the latest scientific research results – it achieves an optimum performance on 2 cores as well as on 24 cores by now.

The DASIA 2017 conference focuses on hardware and software for aerospace data systems.
For additional info please follow: eurospace.org/dasia-2017

Please find additional information on RTEMS-SMP at www.embedded-brains.de/en/rtems-real-time-operating-system and at microelectronics.esa.int

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Göbel hat Mechatronik in Darmstadt und Lausanne studiert. Er hält verschiedene Patente und war seit 2006 an der Rhodes University in Südafrika als Professor für Ergonomie und Arbeitswissenschaft tätig. Seit 2015 koordiniert er bei embedded brains neben der Hard- und Software-Entwicklung auch die Erprobung und steht Kunden bei der Umsetzung ihrer Projekte zur Seite.