New base platform for wireless sensor networks


embedded brains has designed a new base platform for wireless sensor networks called ELEPHANT. With its flexible structure ELEPHANT is designed as a compact, modular sensor node. It has very low power demands to be supplied by an energy harvester. With its variety of interfaces it fits most types of sensors. The base platform already covers a wide range of custom specific applications.

Characteristics of ELEPHANT (Extensible Low Energy sensor Platform for Harvesting Applications and different Network Topologies):

  • processor: ST STM32L15x series
  • wireless: Semtech SX1211
  • frequency: 868MHz SRD band (915MHz ISM band on request)
  • range: about 80 meters (open field)
  • about 50 μW consumption in average (depending on amount of sent data)
  • supply voltage range from 2.1V to 6V
  • bit rate of maximum 200kBit/s (further limited by regulations for SRD band and available amount of energy)
  • size: 26mm x 32mm
  • I/O: I2C, SPI, analog ports, GPIO, UART

Based on the platform and the know-how embedded brains offers the full range of design services to support even special hard- and software requirements of customized applications with ELEPHANT* or even fully customized designs.

Power supply for ELEPHANT
The ELEPHANT platform is designed to use very low power and can be supplied by energy harvesters.

  • flexible application specific supply through utilization of different harvesting modules.
  • possible energy sources include light, temperature differences, vibration and a lot more.


Possible applications
Systems based on ELEPHANT can be used in applications like

  • home automation
  • long time measurements like environmental survey
  • small static display solutions
  • many more …

Design services for wireless modules

  • fully customized wireless applications
  • adaptions of existing designs
  • draft of protocols optimized for your application prototyping
  • integration into existing designs
  • design of modules with wireless standard of your choice
Sample design: Wireless Plugs with Power-Meetering for home automation.

Sample design: Wireless Plugs with Power-Meetering for home automation.

Peter Rasmussen is a managing director of embedded brains and has more than 20 years of experience and technical expertise in systems development, primarily in the fields of automotive technology, telecommunications and industrial automation.